Saturday, September 26, 2009


OK- I know I've added a great deal of content to the site, so much so that it may be difficult to wade through it all even with the handy dandy headings and groupings. For many of you this will not be a problems and you will slog through as you are led. But some may not and thus may miss some of the really good stuff that is there. The blogs and links I offer all have some redeeming quality and are trustworthy as far as I know. If I feel the subject matter is somewhat lacking, it will go away. Still, you may find it a bit much, so to assist you I have included below some of the highlights this week. As I've said, I think they are all worth a look but if you can only get to a few, these would be them for this week:

A new way to achieve victory in the Mid-East. A thought provoking article by analyst and writer Daniel Pipes:

When Barack Obama announced in June 2009 about Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy, "I'm confident that if we stick with it, having started early, that we can make some serious progress this year," he displayed a touching, if naïve optimism.

Indeed, his determination fits a well-established pattern of determination by politicians to "solve" the Arab-Israeli conflict; there were fourteen U.S. government initiatives just during the two George W. Bush administrations. Might this time be different? Will trying harder or being more clever end the conflict?

No, there is no chance whatever of this effort working.

Without looking at the specifics of the Obama approach — which are in themselves problematic — I shall argue three points: that past Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have failed; that their failure resulted from an Israeli illusion about avoiding war; and that Washington should urge Jerusalem to forego negotiations and return instead to its earlier and more successful policy of fighting for victory. (more)

Over at Bedlam or Parnassus an excellent post on shameful things and the shame and bedlam present in our schools and in our government.

Many of the pro-family blogs are helping in Maine's fight to preserve tradtional marriage. At the Pomegranate Apple they tell you some concrete ways you can help.

And last but certainly not least, when it all seems a bit much to handle, you can go to A Trail of Flowers and rest. If you are Catholic (or a closet Catholic-like me) and/or appreciate or write (or attempt to write- like me) poetry, then you will be doubly blessed. I've never known a blog to be a poem till now. It is a breath of fresh air.

I hope you enjoy them all.


Euripides said...

Wow, you really have been content busy. Looks good.

Kindred Spirit said...

Thank you for the lovely words on behalf of my blog. Best wishes, and happy trails to you, Eutychus, and to all of your readers.

alaiyo said...

A Trail of Flowers looks lovely -- thanks for the link. I am lurking about, by the way, just too busy to do much in the way of responding to anything!

Magister Christianus said...

Eutychus, old friend, it has been too long since I have commented or posted here, but I saw your endorsement of Kindred Spirit's site A Trail of Flowers and want to add my own endorsement. I linked to her site as soon as I discovered it. Her post today title "At Mass" is simply glorious.

And speaking of being a "closet Catholic," I am on the banks of the Tiber in my swimming suit, ever closer to taking that plunge and swimming home to Rome.

eutychus said...

Euripides and Kindred Spirit- Thanks for the kind words.

Alaiyo- Glad to hear from you and I understand completely about being too busy. Glad you are feeling better and hope you have a grand bunch of students this semester.

MC my brother, it has indeed been too long but I understand.
Adn yes, if I could get my wife to swim with me, I would have already been soaked.