Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WHO Moves Pandemic Alert to 5- Mexican Flu is not Swine Flu

RadioNetherlands is reporting that the World Health Organization says the virus is not caused by pigs and has moved the pandemic alert phase up a level. H/T H5N1

WHOs call new strain of H1N1 "Mexican flu"
Published: Wednesday 29 April 2009 17:32 UTC Last updated: Wednesday 29 April 2009 18:04 UTC The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that the most recent research on swine flu has shown that the virus is not caused by pigs. The disease is now being referred to as Mexican flu or "2009 H1N1 flu". The WHO has moved the pandemic alert from four to five, the second highest. The first case of what was called swine flu was reported in Mexico and its first fatality was confirmed there two weeks ago. The 23-month-old infant who died in the US state of Texas, in the first fatal case from the swine flu outbreak in the United States, was also Mexican. The child came from Mexico to Houston for medical treatment, officials said.(more)

According to the WHO website:
Phase 5 is characterized by human-to-human spread of the virus into at least two countries in one WHO region. While most countries will not be affected at this stage, the declaration of Phase 5 is a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.


Euripides said...

This story certainly bears watching.

I am, however, spreading the rumor that the Obama administration is purposefully creating a media panic about the swine flu in order to cause another crisis condition and have Congress pass another trillion dollar spending bill.

It could be true....

eutychus said...

:-) No, probably not on purpose, but rest assured he'll milk the event for every dollar he can...