Monday, April 27, 2009

"Castration Celebration"

It's the name of a book. Random House. CHILDREN's Book!

From NY Post:

HOLD on to your laps, Amer ica. And lock up the kids until they're 42.
The latest addition to the well-stocked smut canon is aimed not at adults, but at impressionable teens and pre-adolescents. It's called "Castration Celebration" -- a kind of "High School Musical" meets "Saw." Gross.

The novel is about what you think, but worse. This twisted, comic romp does little more than cheerfully promote underage sex, drug-taking, binge-drinking and, most painfully of all, male dismemberment by a high-school-age female, the heroine.

The theme is captured on the very first page, which reads: "Did you know that in imperial China, eunuchs had their testicles, penis [sic] and scrotum [sic] removed?"
Aside from the egregious grammatical sins, the nastiest thing about this book is that it's not offered for sale in a brown paper bag by some oily character. This tome is the giddy, proud publication of prestigious Random House.

Random House Children's Books, that is.


PersonalFailure said...

why are you using "[sic]" that way? both "penis" and "scrotum" were spelled correctly.

Magister Christianus said...

This is worth a boycott of Random House. By contrast, read how some high school Latin students recently gave a public reading of Homer's Iliad in an effort to raise money to fight poverty ("12 Hours, 19 Minutes" at

Young people can and will do good things, but they need a community of parents, teachers, pastors, coaches, and yes, publishers and media outlets who will encourage them rather than throw obstacles in their path.

kkollwitz said...

"why are you using "[sic]" that way? both "penis" and "scrotum" were spelled correctly."

Grammar, not spelling: their penis, their scrotum, as though they all shared one of each among themselves.

The Left never sleeps...neither does Satan.

kkollwitz said...

Hey, I've got a zany book idea: "Clitoridectomy Celebration."

eutychus said...

I didn't use it that way. the NY Post did. (Thus the italics) and as KK has pointed out, for the reason indicated.
Welcome back, btw. Just curious though, and I hope you don't mind the inquiry, but what brings you to this neck of the woods. I mean you are welcome of course but this is a rather strange forum for an atheist to hang around isn't it? Don't get me wrong. I think there is often more faith to be found in an atheist railing against God than the average pew sitter on a Sunday morning who never lets a question darken his mind. But part of me suspects you are here looking for more material for your blog. (Though obviously I have no say in whether you use material from this site or not.)Which is OK too as long as you quote my positions accurately. That would just be common courtesy, a quality which you seem to espouse on your blog. I feel that was not the case last go round (being quoted accurately) but I didn't have the time to come back and defend my position further.
If you come to join in conversation you are more than welcome.

Euripides said...

Random House certainly has outdone themselves on this one. I agree with MC, good parents are the answer and this is a poor publisher decision. Let's hope the book tanks.