Sunday, April 26, 2009

CNN Vs Bloggers

No doubt you remember this shameful bit of reporting by CNN.

Well it turns out that CNN was so impressed by it that they had YouTube pull it, ostensibly because of "copyright" violations.

Well the BS meter went off over at Founding Bloggers and they are fighting the action.

The folks over at Copyrights and Campaigns have a nice summary:

Founding Bloggers, the conservative web site that had its video critical of CNN's reporting on a Chicago "tea party" removed by YouTube after the cable network sent a DMCA takedown notice, is not backing down. On Thursday, Founding Bloggers submitted a DMCA counternotice to YouTube, starting the clock ticking toward a possible re-posting by YouTube -- or a lawsuit that could establish important legal precedent regarding the contours of copyright law's fair use doctrine, especially as it applies to use of news video by political bloggers. "We're not going to let this just go away," Andrew Marcus of Founding Bloggers told C&C in an interview earlier today.

Good for Founding Bloggers

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Secular Heretic said...

Blogs are certainly having an impact on the secular media.