Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Minnesota, it's still November

From Politico:

...Minnesota has been down a senator since the beginning of the year, and Democrats — who expect Franken to prevail eventually — view themselves as down a vote they’re entitled to have.

Without Franken in the Senate, the Democrats hold a 58-41 vote advantage over the GOP; getting to 59-41 sooner rather than later would make it easier to move President Barack Obama’s agenda through Congress. Franken currently leads in the counting by 225 votes.

In a radio interview this month, Friedberg — asked if he was “confident” that Coleman would lose before the three-judge panel — said: “I think that’s probably correct that Franken will still be ahead and probably by a little bit more.

But our whole argument was a constitutional argument, and it’s an argument suitable for the Minnesota Supreme Court, not for the trial court. So we’ll see whether we were right or not.” ...(more)


Euripides said...

I seem to recall that in 2000 the Democrats were up in arms that the Florida vote went to the courts. Now, when things work for their polity, they're the first in line at the bar.

eutychus said...

The articles I've read which describe the process by which Franken actually got ahead is a chapter right out of the libs 2000 play book. They've apparently improved their game since that time.