Saturday, January 17, 2009

Slow Blogging and Prayer Time

Apologies to the tens of readers of this blog for the slow blogging this last few days. I took some cub scouts to the USS Lexington last week-end and a few to the Texas State Aquarium. I drove down on Saturday morning and then back on Sunday morning to Austin and then drove to Mason and back (another 100+ miles one way) to finish up the week-end. Then I have drill (military training) this week-end. It makes for a very long week. I'm getting too old for this. Still, it was great fun for my youngest son and that makes it worth while but not any less tiring.

I have a list of New Years resolutions and one of them was to learn to pray/pray more consistently and I am pleased that unlike my exercising resolution, I have managed to be somewhat faithful in the prayer department.

One of the tools I am using is based on a book I am reading called "Soul Revolution." In it is an exercise to stay connected to God by taking a moment out of each hour to refocus on God. I set up an Outlook reminder and hit snooze all day so that it goes off every hour.

I would love to report to you that I have had visions and insights that I could share with you. Instead, I will share my pain and embarrassment at the discovery of the depth of my love for my sin. Its really amazing that I sometimes find myself ignoring the reminder. Not always, but sometimes. Now I must wrestle with the Truth that the life that awaits me is better than the one I've made in my own image and that Christ is here in the blackest parts of my life and offers forgiveness and new life. Mind you I've known most of this for a long time. I am a Believer. Just now I've got to sweep some dark corners out. It's going to be quite a journey.

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