Friday, January 16, 2009

Got to keep the loonies on the path-Latest global warming "news"

You remember the line above from Pink Floyd, right? OK, I'm old, but here we see real life examples of global warming loonies...
All from the Telegraph:

Paint cities white to tackle global warming, scientist says
Roads and buildings should be painted white in order to tackle global warming, according to a scientist.

Ice age atmosphere was 'warm', claim scientists
A warm atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide may have surrounded the Earth in an ancient ice age, new research has suggested.

Plan to investigate using giant mirrors to reverse global warming

Falling sea level upsets theory of global warming

Acid seas 'will kill off coral within 70 years' -Which is fine excepat that reports from Australia say the reefs are doing just fine thank-you...

And then the real scary part:

Blue sky tinkering
Scientists fighting global warming are now considering wacky ways of deliberately manipulating the environment to control the world's climate. Philip Sherwell in New York reports on the schemes that were once dismissed as the work of crackpots
Trillions of tiny sunshades orbiting in space; a mirror 150 miles high stationed between Earth and the sun; clouds sprayed with seawater; planes pumping sulphates into the stratosphere. They may sound to a layman like the weird and wacky fantasies of an eccentric bunch of boffins, but such ambitious plans for cooling the planet are now rapidly gaining credibility in the querulous world of climate science.

and these:

James Lovelock's plan to pump ocean water to stop climate change
Global warming fix could damage ozone layer
Global warming 'cure' found by scientists

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