Friday, January 16, 2009

Dueling Java- Dueling Science

Some good news about coffee....on the other hand....

Coffee Strong Enough to Ward Off Dementia?
Moderate Coffee Drinking Reduces Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s by 65% in Study
Those who drank three to five cups of coffee per day in midlife were much less likely to have developed dementia or Alzheimer's in follow-up checks two decades or more later, the researchers say in the January issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease...

Coffee-induced hallucinations? Caffeinated co-eds hear voices, study says
But the Durham University researchers acknowledge that their study of 219 coeds doesn’t prove that caffeine, a stimulant in coffee, actually caused them to hallucinate. For instance, the students who reported hearing voices may have had psychological disorders and been chuggingcups of, in this case, instant coffee to help them cope with symptoms, write study co-authors Charles Fernyhough, a developmental psychologist, and grad student Simon Jones.
Some previous research has found that reducing or eliminating caffeinated coffee from the diets of schizophrenics reduces their hallucinations, but other studies haven’t replicated those findings, they note.

And then we have this bit of, well, I'm not sure what you'd call it, from the BBC News:
Personally I think the Tea Association has something to do with all this but I have no proof. Think I'll go brew a cupa Earl:

Cut caffeine, pregnant women told

Caffeine 'could help prevent MS'

Decaf coffee cuts diabetes risk

Decaf coffee linked to heart risk

One cup of coffee a day 'risky'

Coffee 'protects female memory'

Coffee 'raises miscarriage risk'

Coffee and exercise 'save skin'

One cup of coffee a day 'risky'

Coffee may help relieve gym pain

Coffee knocks out women's pain

Coffee 'boosts female sex drive'

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