Saturday, November 22, 2008

St. Smart Alec

A martyr after my own heart...From MereComments:

...But here's the surprise, about St. Procopius, a martyr in Palestine during Diocletian's persecution. Prcopius was arrested and brought before Flavian, the local governor..

Ordered to sacrifice to the false gods, he replied that he knew only one God to whom it is proper to offer a spiritual sacrifice. Flavian then required him to offer libations to the four Emperors who shared power at the time [in 305, Constantius, Galerius, Severus, Maximinus]. The holy athlete boldly and ironically answered with a quotation from Homer: That there be several chiefs is not good: One sole king there should be. [Iliad 2,204] The Governor was furious and had him beheaded.... (more)

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