Thursday, November 20, 2008

Editorial: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

For those hearty souls for whom a walk though such matters is not too cumbersome..
from the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology :
...“tradition” also serves an important, critical, and corrective role for us today as we seek to apply and live out the Scripture. As the old statements remind us—“there is nothing
new under the sun” and “those who cannot learn from history are doomed
to repeat its mistakes”—we neglect our theological forefathers to our detriment.
In reality, tradition and the study of historical theology ought to be viewed as a
kind of laboratory in which the strengths and weaknesses of past practices, ideas,
and doctrines are tested under the pressures of real-life circumstances, denials,
and challenges with the goal of learning from the past in order to better address
the issues, debates, and challenges of our contemporary world....

For me, I hope such conversations are but the continuing examples of God re-knitting the Body of Christ back together...

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