Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Funding Coercive Abortion

From a friend who I hope will be posting on his own soon:

Imagine this scenario: My neighbor hands me some money and tells me to threaten my wife if she does not kill one of our children. Is my neighbor in any way guilty for the murder that follows? We had better decide, because we are all about to become that neighbor as our tax dollars go to support coerced abortion and involuntary sterilization in the next legislative session.

Congresswoman Confident Obama Will Fund UNFPA, Which Supports China's Coercive Abortion Program


Wayne_from_Jeremiah_Films said...

I've added a link to this post from BlogWatch: Unborn Life

I wish everybody would hear and listen to the words your friend said.

eutychus said...

Thanks, Wayne. He is a wise man. I hope he will be posting more often soon.