Monday, September 1, 2008

Team McCain Takes the Lead

A pretty good summation I think, of the current state of political affairs from the PostPartisan over at the WashingtonPost:

Two extraordinary things have happened since Thursday afternoon in a presidential election that had been largely stuck in a narrow trading range for the past few weeks.
First, Barack Obama's convention speech -- amazingly, shockingly -- set out to polarize this election in ways bound to anger anyone with a conservative instinct anywhere in their political body. No Democratic class-warfare cliche went unexpressed. No cheap attack on John McCain went unmade -- and made without humor, class or grace. (How could it possibly be an effective Democratic attack to accuse McCain of cowardice in confronting al-Qaeda?) Anyone viewing Obama for the first time would have seen the most typical, ordinary, unreconstructed Democratic nominee since Walter Mondale (though with far greater political skills).
Maybe I am so disappointed because I half-believed in Obama, at least at the beginning. On Thursday night, he
made nothing of his historical moment. And he purposely set out to alienate people like me. It worked.
Second, McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin turns out to be brilliant. It achieves four things:
(read the reasons here)

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