Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ON DEADLINE: Lieberman facing payback from Dems

Not really surprising to hear the Dems are after a man of character such as Joe Lieberman. For speaking his mind and his conscience. Every bit the liberal in all things but the war. Not enough for the broad arms of the Democrat Party. Here is the article from the Seattle Times.
But there are some real pearls here:

He called Obama "a gifted and eloquent young man" with a promising future. "But eloquence is no substitute for a record - not in these tough times," Lieberman said. He pitched a special appeal for McCain votes to independents and Democrats, saying his is "the real ticket for change this year."
"I'm here, as a Democrat myself, to tell you: Don't be fooled," Lieberman said....

...asked whether Obama sounded like a Marxist. "I must say, that's a good question," Lieberman said. "During this campaign I've learned some things about him, about the kind of environment from which he came ideologically. ... He's got some positions that are far to the left of me and, I think, mainstream America."

"Where he came from ideologically.." has been documented quite well in the Jerome Corsi book,
The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality a a well footnoted examination of this background.

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