Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Effectively slapping the paw of the bear, fearful that Russia may hold back on it's oil and more reason to find an alternate source of fuel. Blackmail is not exclusive to the mid-east..
From the NYPost:
BRUSSELS, Belgium - European Union leaders warned Moscow yesterday that talks on a wide-ranging political and economic agreement would be postponed unless Russian troops pull back from positions in Georgia.
The threat to delay talks set for this month on the "partnership and cooperation agreement" with Russia came after Britain and Eastern European nations held out for a tougher line. But Europe's dependence on Russian oil and gas supplies effectively ruled out stronger sanctions
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I've been thinking alot lately about an old Reagan ad, remember? "There is a bear in the woods.." I was just wondering that if the bear's appetite is larger than just parts of Georgia, who I'd want to be in charge...

Good background here at the Economist:
If Russia had really wanted to resolve the separatist conflicts in Georgia, it had opportunities. It might have begun by not handing out Russian passports and then claiming a purported need to defend its “citizens”. It might also have avoided unleashing anti-Georgian and anti-Western hysteria in the Russian media.
And although the latest conflict was triggered by Georgia, the deeper roots of Russia’s invasion lie in domestic events that go back as far as 2003-04: the destruction of the Yukos oil company, and Russia’s perception of the colour revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine as a Western plot to undermine its sovereignty. Mr Saakashvili’s support for Ukraine’s orange revolution particularly irked Mr Putin. (

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