Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cause and Effect and Global Warming Hysteria

When scientists confuse cause and effect aka "that's my story and I'm sticking to it."
H/T to Secondhand Smoke for picking up on the article from the WSJ

For  years we have heard that we humans have caused CO2 to rise–and hence it is “physics,” to  use Al Gore’s terminology–that we are causing warming.  Proof was in the ice core pudding.  But then, we found that the earth warmed before the CO2 level rose in the past.  But why let that interfere with an easy to sell government/GWH complex story line? More here


Euripides said...

What really bothers me about the global warming/climate change debate is the absolute moral certainty of its followers that borders on religious fanaticism.

Fanaticism - any fanaticism - is a danger to rational government and the maintaining of principles of freedom.

eutychus said...

Exactly. My point is similar. After 25 years as a weather forecaster, one thing certain about weather is there is nothing certain. That we would, as a society, be willing to invest billions on a certitude that should, by the standards of science itself, not exist, is quite unsettling. And frankly, it destroys any legitimacy that might be reasonable regarding environmentalism.