Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Defend It If You Can- Esolen on the Sexual Revolution

Anthony Esolen over at Public Discourse takes on the Sexual Revolution from the view of the common good...
and Magister Christianus has some great comment (as usual) over at Bedlam and Parnassus..

"...let the sexual revolution be justified on grounds of the common good. I believe it fails that test miserably, with evidence that is weighty, obvious, manifold, logically and anthropologically deducible, and clearly predictable by wisdom both pagan and Christian. Let them make their case, rather than asserting a principle that, in reality, would destroy the very idea of the common good. For if we cannot appeal to the common good in a matter so fundamental, I do not see how we can appeal to it in any other." 
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Magister Christianus said...

Thanks for the plug, Eutychus! Hope you and your family are having a blessed Holy Week.

eutychus said...

well deserved. Belated blessings to you and yours as well.