Monday, November 8, 2010

Taiwan woman 'marries' herself

The headline says it all....

"...We must love ourselves before we can love others. I must marry myself before marrying the special someone," she told AFP...."



Yours, Sincerely said...

Bet the divorce is really messy. I mean, "can't live w/ her, can't live w/out her." ;)

Delirious said...

lol that's weird

But hey, when I talked to people about supporting Prop. 8 in California, I told them that if same sex marriage was allowed, it would open the door to all kinds of other untraditional marriage. They didn't believe me, but this is proof! Only time will tell if Prop. 8 survives.

eutychus said...

Yours- Now that's FUNNY!

D- Its happened way before this. Some woman in the Netherlands married a dolphin (marriage with a "Porpoise")some years ago. And many of the "Polyamory" crowd have already been talking about their own possibilities. The thing is, there is no logical reason these and others are not possibilities after the initial change in definition. Certainly, the same arguments (weak as they are) used to argue for same sex marriage can easily be extended to whatever person/persons/thing you want to marry.