Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quote Of The Day

From the comments section of Mere Comments on a posting on the Pope's invitation to Anglicans to join the Church.

One last thing, whether some of the interlocutors here like it or not. I'm a committed Christian. Jesus is my savior. No answer besides Jesus can be given to any of the great questions in this universe. I can do absolutely nothing of merit on my own, without Jesus; and I don't mean that I do half of a good thing while He supplies the other half, either. Now you all who believe in Scripture are my compatriots in the battle. I may grumble that you take insufficient stock of the Church fathers and of the natural law. You may bemoan the fact, as you see it (for of course I don't see it that way, or I would not be Catholic) that I accept unwarranted additions to Scripture. But whether we like it or not, the battle is here, the trenches are dug, and our rifles had damned well better be pointed in the same direction. And here we bicker -- to quote Milton, "As if we had not foes enow besides, That day and night for our destruction wait."

Great post on this over at Bedlam and Parnassus


Sue said...

Hey there Eutychus. You're up at Apples to Apples :)

kkollwitz said...

Speaking of the Pope's invitation, I wonder if Fr. Cutie in Florida is considering swimming back across the Tiber as a married Episcopal priest?

alaiyo said...

Oh, I loved this!

eutychus said...

KK- That would be an interesting developement. btw loved the "Stick and Saints" post. Wish I had that post when I had my conversations with the chaplain in New Mexico.

Alaiyo- I loved it too. Just about everything Tony writes makes an impression on me. Glad you liked it as well.

alaiyo said...

Tony will be visiting our college in the spring, speaking in chapel and in some of our classes -- I so look forward to finally meeting him. Our Renaissance Lit class will be using his translation of _Inferno_, which is excellent. What a privilege it would be study something with its translator.

eutychus said...

alaiyo- I'm jealous. He came to Baylor a while back which would have been a reasonable drive except that my wife was in Haiti and I couldn't drag the kids along. Perhaps another time.

I just finished his translation of Inferno and enjoyed it very much. The extensive notes are worth a read all on their own