Wednesday, October 21, 2009

U.S. troops in Iraq have time on hands

So, we have a General, which the President appointed and we have a Secretary of Defense, which the President appointed, both of which are recommending more troops in Afghanistan. Yet, BO can't make a decision. Big surprise, he voted present instead of voting over 80% of the time while in the Senate. Sorry, not allowed to do that as President. Either s$%* or get off the pot! Either support our troops, or pull them out of Afghanistan!

Meanwhile, we have troops bored in Iraq, while we have other troops getting killed in Afghanistan because BO can't make a decision. Guess he's too busy flying around supporting liberals that are down in the polls. Which is more important, supporting the troops, or supporting liberals here at home? Personally, I'm getting sick of going to military funerals. Want your guts ripped out, try it sometime.

Where is the fringe media in all of this? When Bush was President we got a body count and call for withdraw every night on the news. Now, nothing! Our military is getting killed daily and not a word from the press. What is the country coming too (unfortunately we know the answer to that)? Truly the troops are just political pawns only to be used when there is political hay to be made.

What are you doing about it?


eutychus said...

This is just part of the R&R available to the troops Chewey. They've had these outlets for years. 90% of a combat tour is boredom. (I'm not speaking of the ground pounders here- But even they speak of the monotony). If the troops have time on their hands its because of the surge and our success in Iraq.

kkollwitz said...

Obama, what an empty suit. He's absolutely clueless about this sort of thing. What did he learn at Harvard, anyway?

I hope the Left got what they were praying for.

Assuming the Left prays.

Chewy said...

I understand the military, and also understand what sitting on your butt while your brothers are getting killed does to you.

It's more important to spend 2.5 hours with MSNBC on Monday than to figure out how to support our troops.

I'm becoming more Libertarian all the time. I believe it is time to start backing out of places like Afghanistan and Iraq. IF we will turn the CIA, Special Forces, and the Military loose. We have the technology and the resources to keep madmen in check IF we have the stomach for it.

Unfortunately, we're too busy watching American Idol or sucking up to our base, taking money from lobbyist, studying Mao, you fill in the blank. It’s getting scary out there and I am gravely concerned about our country.