Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From one “radical, extremist, un-American, mobster” to another:

Washington D.C.’s response to the voice of the people: Name calling! How childish! How rude. How intimidating…. But that's not getting the job done...Obama sends out the SEIU thugs. How effective will it be? For how many years has the voice of the people been silent? Will our politicians’ tactic work at again silencing the voice of the “silent majority?”

One crisis after another has been created by Washington politicians to secure our consent and deflect attention from their unconstitutional actions. Now, finally…after a long slumber…at last the sleeping giant has been awakened by the audacity, the unbelievable presumptions of this congress and president.

What the politicians are seeing and what they fear is the formation of a 3rd political party in America. They are frightened not by what we are saying. They are afraid of what we are doing. Obama, a community organizer by experience who cut his teeth in Chicago, the heartland of political most aware of what is happening.

We, the People are organizing against this administration's big government, "Big Brother" socialistic ideology! And we are at last on the road to creating a viable alternative to “business as usual” in Washington D.C.

It should be no surprise Washington D.C. fears that which they have been able to prevent since the founding of our nation: a viable new political party that will enforce constitutional constraints on Washington.

Have no doubt. Do not be dissuaded by the political rhetoric of those whose primary interest is sustaining their political power over us. If we fail in this attempt to stop progressive socialism…we may in the very near future wake up to a nation no longer a Republic, but rather a Totalitarian Democracy ruled by a new elite and all-powerful politician class.

With Obama's Chicago political machine past, and his former and current supporters from that mindset...there is little that we should not expect to be possible in what they will do to implement his vision of "change" for America.

There are without question actions being taken in this country that are unworthy of our American traditions…that are “un-American,” but these actions are not the voices, the courage of the protestors who are standing up for what once was common place in America…blind justice and fair and equal treatment for all regardless of gender, race, religious or political beliefs.

What amazes me is that in a time where we have chosen to assure equal rights for people based upon “sexual preferences” which many of us are morally opposed to, and many in congress are doing everything in their power to grant near full citizenship benefits to illegal aliens... we are now being told that it is right and just to take equal rights and benefits from a much larger group of people…from those who have grown up being called “baby boomers,” men and women who have honorably served in our military and paid Social Security taxes throughout their lives. As fate would have it... it is our generation that has the opportunity and power to decide whether or not we judge age to be a disqualification for equal and fair treatment in America.

The communist ideals of “social equality” through redistribution of wealth away from those who have earned it may not have bothered some of us, but the retroactive decision to disenfranchise seniors from the readily available best heath care services in the world on the bases that they are no longer a good investment by the government is unconscionable. If this does not make you MAD AS HELL, then what will?

If we allow our government to reapportion "entitlement" to medical care …the benefits that we have all paid for over a lifetime…then we are liable for the foreshortening of our own lives and dramatically undermining the quality of life for our remaining years . We, the people, the rightful sovereigns of this nation…we now are forced to decide if...through our own irresponsible, apathetic, failures to rule ourselves honorably if we are now also determined to destroy that which we spent a lifetime building… the greatest nation on earth.

Yes, there are without question a lot of people today who are guilty of “un-American” activities…but one group that is definitely NOT being un-American. And that group is the patriots, the moms and pops, the grandfathers and grandmothers who are only guilty of attempting to have their voices heard by politicians who refuse to remove the wax from their ears…politicians who would demonize their own constituents for the lawful demands for redress of grievances. God Bless America with courage to overthrow tyrants and those who would “transform” America into a second-rate world power and a third-world economy. May God bless and give strength to all the true patriots in America today.

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