Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dingell compares town hall mobs to the KKK

You have just entered the Dingell Twilight Zone. Clearly, the American People do not want this bill, see Rasmussen Poll.

I am lost....they are going to commit political suicide by passing this thing, if they keep the party in line, yet they don't care. It goes against everything they stand for, you know, elitism, power, greed, aristocracy, royalty, etc. It doesn’t make sense.

WE ARE making a difference! The silent majority is being heard!


Yours, Sincerely said...

I guess the "silent" majority isn't so silent anymore.

Chewy said...

I think the time to be silent has passed. I have been quiet for three decades; it’s time to be heard.

I find it interesting that the liberals are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this Health Care debacle. They have even changed the name; form Health Care Reform to Insurance Reform, nope, still not buying it.

I believe it really annoys the politicians that anyone would question their reasoning (or lack there of) or authority.

I believe the politicians think we are indeed the "working class" and they are the autocracy and we should sit down and shut up!

The rallies/meetings don't start out unruly, but when the politician (pick one) starts misleading the audience, who in most cases have a copy of the health care bill highlighted passages showing the truth (notwithstanding thought out handwritten questions prior to the meeting), it starts getting loud. Again, the politicians cannot believe we common folk have the audacity to question their authority. We’re not stupid, albeit we have been apathetic.


One PO’ed Wookie