Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Says the Time For Talk Is Done

When were we talking? How can you talk when things are being crammed down your thoat?

From the Weekly Standard blog:

"The time for talk is through." -- President Obama, talking to liberal bloggers on a conference call Monday night.

The Democratic bills in the House and Senate are a thousand pages long. They're still changing as committees try to mark them up, or as they mark up other versions of health insurance legislation. There's huge uncertainty about how lots of provisions in the bills and under consideration would work--OMB Director Orzsag and HHS Secretary Sibelius couldn't answer straightforward questions on Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press. Nothing goes into effect in any case until 2013--except the tax provisions, which would begin in 2011. Yet President Obama wants everyone to stop debating and deliberating, and act now--because he and he alone has decided "now is the time to go ahead and act."


Euripides said...

Spoken like a true liberal. If Congress can't railroad these bad, bad, bad bills through, Obama can always step in and push them through before anyone figures out what they really say.

I've written all my reps and senators. I suggest you do the same. Hold these people responsible for their actions!

eutychus said...

Good advice Euripides.