Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Intimidation Tactics Continue

Obama continues with his intimidation tactics first mentioned here.

Apparently the FBI is getting involved to find out what happened to a number of e-mails:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has begun looking into a dispute that is linked to an AmeriCorps money scandal that has fingers pointing all the way up to the White House because of President Obama's dismissal of an inspector general who was on the case.

According to a report in the Sacramento Bee, acting U.S. Attorney Lawrence G. Brown has confirmed the agency is looking into the "circumstances" regarding the alleged destruction of e-mails regarding a dispute over the handling of money at Mayor Kevin Johnson's "brainchild" St. HOPE Academy, which had been investigated after allegations that public funds were misused. (more from WND)

Now according to Judicial Watch Obama has blocked another IG probe:

"...A few months ago TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky published a scathing report revealing that the financial bailout has little oversight, is severely mismanaged and “inherently vulnerable to fraud, waste and abuse.” That preliminary probe led to at least 20 criminal investigations—for securities fraud, tax law violations and mortgage modification fraud—and Barofsky predicted the risk would only grow.

Now the Obama Administration is blocking Barofsky, a former federal prosecutor in New York, from further investigating what he has determined to be a troubling experiment of U.S. tax dollars. The president’s Treasury Secretary delayed at least one recent inquiry and has evidently determined that the agency (Treasury Department) Barofsky is charged with watching has legal authority over his office, which clearly threatens its independence...."


Euripides said...

I wonder if we'll ever know how deep the corruption runs and who was paying off whom? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but fingers keep pointing in the same direction and Obama steps in to block investigation.

eutychus said...

I agree. It keeps getting uglier and uglier in this and many other cases and you keep saying, "oh surely not.." but then it happens again...and again...and...