Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cub Camp

I've been at Cub Camp the last few days with my youngest. This was the first session, a tradition in our Pack because historically it has usually been the coolest (relatively speaking). As a result we have never gotten our Chili Pepper badge, received when one camps in 100 degree or higher weather. I was quite pleased (privately of course) that my older son never received this badge.

Unfortunately my youngest son has now qualified for this badge and did so on both days (and nights-long miserable, sweaty, no wind, nights) of the camp out.

Though tired and not really sure that I have gotten all the layers of salt scraped from my body, it was a grand time. I would do it again tomorrow. I'll be posting again soon.


Euripides said...

Good for you! Camp sounds like a pleasant day in Arizona.

kkollwitz said...

Where in the US is it that hot?
The horror, the horror.

eutychus said...

a pleasant day in AZ, eh? I thought they had AC out there. Besides, having grown up in west Texas I know all about that "dry" heat. :-) Still, we always had the good sense not to camp in it. Add to that 100+ weather a dewpoint of 70 and its a sticky miserable mess salvaged only by the joy of one's child.

Now I'll quit crying lest KK mock me even more. :-)