Thursday, April 23, 2009

Isn't the Motive Always Hate?

It is expected that the House Judiciary Committee will pass federal hate crimes legislation today, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of federally protected classes.

The fear among many, of course, is that this will be the cover for prosecuting who speak biblical truth about sodomy, as has, in fact, happened in other countries with similar legislation.

“Violent crime is already illegal and there are already penalties available – a gradient of penalties based on severity,” said Matt Barber, director of cultural policy for Liberty Counsel, a religious rights organization. “What’s more,” he said, “every American currently, regardless of their sexual preference, is guaranteed the same equal protection under the law.” What hate-crimes laws do, Barber said, is “take the focus off the crime itself and instead puts the focus on the opinion of the alleged perpetrator.”

My question is this...aren't all violent crimes prompted by hatred? Who has ever thought, "I love that person so much I am going to kill her?" Has anyone ever beaten someone up out of charity? "Hey, that person over there needs a beating, and since I have two good hands and a tire iron, I think I'll just go over there and help him out." All crimes of violence are prompted by hatred. Does it really matter whether the perpetrator hates for a particular reason?


Yours, Sincerely said...

Without the refuge of the Holy Scriptures, a person could get mighty despondent.

kkollwitz said...

"Hate" is just a mantra like "Racism" and "Choice" that lefties mumble over & over to themselves. It makes it easy for them to recognize each other.

In my local paper I like to report to my wife how many times a letter will have the word "hate": "hey Janet, this doofus said hate six times in a 100-word letter. He's sure got his credentials laid out."

Euripides said...

kkollwitz is right. There's no real meaning to the word hate when wielded by a leftist liberal. "Hate crime" is a buzz phrase for "anyone who we think is a bigot." There's simply no reason behind the system.