Sunday, April 19, 2009

11 embryonic stem-cell research arguments refuted

I had drill this week-end. As a member of the Air National Guard I have a military obligation one week-end a month. As an active duty member of the Guard, I wear the uniform full time so when I have drill it means that I am in the middle of a 12 day work week. While 12 day work weeks pale in comparison to 120 day work weeks we did in Iraq, I am old and whiney and tired tonight and will use the fact as an excuse for picking out some good stuff at other blogs and using the "autopilot" buttons and posting.

Over at bioethike I have found a couple of posts worth sharing.

11 embryonic stem-cell research arguments–refuted

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bird5 said...

There is a group of physicians, patients and other interested people working together to get treatment with adult stem cells legalized in the U.S. as it should be. The organization was formed in response to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) recent position that the adult stem cells found in everyone’s body are drugs. A person's cells (autologous) should be their own and NOT regulated by the FDA. That is one of the major reasons why most stem cell clinics are overseas. This stance is ridiculous and is costing millions of lives while sick Americans wait for the use of their own stem cells which would improve their quality of life. The FDA is not protecting us, but hurting us. Please ask your family and friends to sign up ("JOIN"), and get as many doctors to sign up as well. Please see The American Stem Cell Therapy Association (ASCTA) physician site and the associated Safe Stem Cells Now patient site.

Delirious said...

Congratulations! You won the round on Apples 2 Apples. I have sent you a co-author invite so that you can start the next game round. Not many people played this round, but I think I would have chosen your answer even if they did. ;)

We have tried several types of games, you can scroll through to get some ideas, or start a new one of your own.

eutychus said...


Thanks for your comment. It has always seemed to me that adult stem cells were the more preferable and profitable (i.e. useful) way to go without the obvious ethical and moral concerns. Adult stem cell research has a much more promising track record as well, compared to embryonic stem cells.
I was not aware (though not particularly surprised) that the FDA has such a position. I appreciate the link and the opportunity to become better informed.

eutychus said...

It looks like I screwed up in reverse. An accidental moment of creativity has now left me saddled with an opportunty I feel I am not quite up to. Thanks for the honor. I have the day off tomorrow so will venture to come up with something. I hope I don't let you down.