Friday, February 6, 2009

An Open Letter to Obama from Father of Serviceman Killed on U.S.S. Cole

From Dr Bulldog

Fireman Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr. Denied Justice Here in the Country that he gave his life for.

President Obama:
Do you know how much it hurts to see you drop the charges against our son’s killers?
First the Dictator of Yemen
freed our son’s killers. And now you sir.
We had hoped for some justice here in our own country. But now it appears that politics are more important than justice and the truth.
President Obama I refused your invitation to meet with with you because I knew what you were going to do. Drop the charges against al-Nashiri, and stop the trial which we were getting ready to leave for today.
I want you to know that your actions broke my wifes heart. I sat and watched her cry all nite long out of frustration, anger, and emotional pain. Again. I should be used to this but I am not.
I have had to watch her cry before when Saleh of Yemen freed our sons killers. When President Clinton refused to take any action against the killers. And when President Bush refused to quit our country’s support of Yemen. And when the Justice Department refused to honor the Federal Court Ruling Against the Sudan which helped to murder our son. And numerous other times when our government ignored our plight.
Will the Cole Victims and their familes ever recieve justice?
I am begining to realize now that we never will have justice unless that justice is politically convenient.

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