Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama unveils plan for troubled housing market

Where does it end? Why is it always the private sector that caused the problem? Why is it never the government’s problem, unless of course we are speaking to the right?

How much can the taxpayer shoulder? After all, how can the government continue to put people on the dole unless they put a heaver tax burden on the rest of us? The unemployment rate is still 3% under what it was in the early 80s, notwithstanding the interest rates! Was that met with governmental bailouts, no, it was met head-on with tax cuts and deregulation which stimulated the economy.

The current administration is spending us into oblivion. Soon our currency will be good for nothing but lining the bird cage. Japan tried it in the 90s and quadrupled their national debt and was still in recession Look at Argentina in the 80s, I personally lived that one.

Now GM wants more, Chrysler wants more, now we’re going to assure there’s a mortgage in every pot. Where does it end? We’re being set up, watch your wallet. Been to the DMV lately…………the government is so efficient at everything they do.

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