Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freedom Go To Hell

No doubt you remember the snazzy slogan above from the Muslim protests against the 2006 Dutch refusal to prohibit the publication of the cartoons depicting Muhammad. (the link is here if you need your memory refreshed.) There were many such slogans at the rally (e.g. .."Your 9/11 is on its way," "get ready for the real holocaust" and of course the old stand-by, "behead those who insult Islam") which received widespread publication in the U.S.- oh wait, no they didn't. But you can still see them at Snopes.

So why bring this up now three years later? Well, as many of you know we have been following the saga of Dutch law maker Geert Wilders and others in Europe who seem intent on surrendering (or is the correct word submitting) to Islamic intimidation.

It would appear that England has chosen to go the way of the Dutch and others. Rest assured that this same type of thing is heading our way. Better to fight it now before it is (more) firmly established in this country. (as this lovely open minded professor shows)

Beyond the obvious free speech issues involved here and the hypocrisy of denying the film or the Dutch MP's views as "hate speech" and yet allowing the type of preaching in the country's Mosques that reflect the placards above, there is the nagging thought in the back of my mind that there may be more truth to what Mr. Wilders says than any of us would care to admit.

Pat Condell: Britain's spineless government- there are a number of links here including a petition in support of Mr Wilders

A montage of the Geert Wilders debate - a summary of the debate going on in Britain right now and one we need to have as well.

What Wilders Would Have Said If the UK Allowed Free Speech
H/T to EuropeNews for the above three links.

Censorship in England is nothing new of course, and not just of things deemed anti-Islamic. They also have a penchant for censoring Christianity as reported in this Zenit article:

ROME, FEB. 15, 2009 ( Censorship is back; not against pornography or unpopular political opinions, but against Christianity and pro-life opinions. A number of recent cases highlight the trend to silence unpopular convictions.A Baptist nurse, Caroline Petrie, was suspended from her job at the North Somerset Primary Care Trust for offering to pray for a patient, reported the Telegraph on Feb. 1. Last December, when she was attending a patient, Petrie offered to pray for her. The patient did not accept her offer, and Petrie did not persist. Subsequently, Petrie was suspended.The patient concerned, May Phippen, subsequently told the Telegraph newspaper in an article published the following day that she had not made a complaint about Petrie's offer and that all she did was to mention it to another nurse. Phippen also said she did not want Petrie to be dismissed over the issue.The Christian Medical Fellowship said Caroline Petrie's suspension amounted to religious discrimination, reported the Daily Mail newspaper Feb. 3.... (more)

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