Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama putting military in harm's way?

From OneNews Now:

A military advocacy organization is not happy with President Barack Obama's plans to drastically cut defense spending by $53 billion.

Military Families United (MFU) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting America's troops and their families. MFU executive director Brian Wise says the Obama administration has no qualms about providing $350 billion to bail out Wall Street or $17.4 billion to bail out General Motors and Chrysler, but cannot provide the necessary funding to protect American troops from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). "The president is taking away from a $1.5 billion budget for detecting IEDs, $1 billion. Seventy-five percent of that budget will be removed," he points out. "If those programs aren't in place, more of our soldiers will be lost to terrorists trying to kill [them]."...(More)

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