Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lessons Learned-Part 2

First a review:

Laprascopic removal of your appendix leaves two holes in the middle and one on the LEFT side.

Two weeks later a pain on the left side does at the incision site does not necessarily mean an infection.

Lessons learned from part 1 can be used in lesson 2. These would include that whole bit about rebound pain and gas not lasting more than two hours.

Now for the new lessons:

You can feel the exact same pain on your left side as you did on your right.

It can start in the morning and increase through the day.

Having this happen while your wife is out of the country while having children to watch is the epitome of poor timing.

Having neighbors (even a cranky old Frenchman) is a real blessing.

Your children, due to stress and fear and an uncanny ability to take note of opportunities that may arise at such times, may not be on their best behavior.

a CT scan and white blood cell counts can tell you (much clearer than with appendix) that you do not have an infection or abscess from your appendectomy and can see rather clearly that you have diverticulitis.

After 40 most of us have diverticulosis. these are caused by small weaknesses in the intestinal lining that causes pouches to form (diverticuli)

Pain from this condition can mimic appendicitis and is sometimes referred to as "left sided appendicitis."

Sometimes the pain from this condition can be worse.

Treatment can range anywhere along a spectrum from going home and treating with antibiotics or have a section of the colon removed.

I sat in the hospital and was fed through an IV (not even water) and given two types of antibiotics for two nights.

Having a room to yourself is much better than sharing

The antibiotics they give you are effective but brutal. Rarely have I felt so bad on antibiotics. But only if I got up.

Being fed by an IV is a fast way to lose wight but not fun.

Further tests will be required but only after recovering for another two weeks.

While recovering you probably won't feel like doing ANYTHING, not even checking e-mail or posting on a blog.

Many thanks to Chewy and MC for posting in my absence. I'm fine.

For those half a dozen readers who check in regularly, I'll be back soon. Thanks for the prayers

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Magister Christianus said...

Okay...you have to stop this getting sick stuff. You have children to care for, a wife to love, and...if not most importantly then at least of great significance to your adoring fans...A BLOG TO RUN! Sorry to hear of your travails. You certainly have our prayers. And I wish you a deep, reverential, and penitential Lenten season, my brother.