Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gay Marriage Battle On College Campus - A Catholic Blog: Religion, Politics, Current Events, Humor, and more.

From a Creative Minority Report: Gay Marriage Battle On College :

"The American River College Student Council voted 8-3 on Sept. 30 to endorse Prop. 8 which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Outrageous, right?So, supporters of gay marriage responded by launching a recall effort and trying to immediately oust the council. Now they'd hoped that because nobody ever votes in school elections, that a small but committed advocacy group for gay marriage would oust the council and reverse the stance on gay marriage. In fact, only one percent of the school even voted for the council in the first place.So the election happened this week. And guess what, lots of students turned out. It was the largest turnout in school history.T he leader's decision to endorse Prop. 8, a statewide ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage, caused 3,486 students to turn out and vote on the recall.And the student leaders who voted to support Proposition 8 won't lose their council seats after all. "
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