Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama's Dishonesty on 'The Least of These!'

From Townhall:
Beginning with his economic plan Obama pledges to only tax people making above a certain income level at a higher rate than everyone else. His false claim is that this aids the middle and lower class because he steals from the rich and gives the poor.
In reality he steals from the rich, gives to his administration, and creates dependency in greater numbers upon government entitlements.
This gives nothing to the poor except a statehood of near slavery....
...What Obama's economic plan would do instead is to further punish successful mom and pop business owners by taxing them even more than the presently discriminatory rates they pay, and in the process eat up the capital they could instead be using to employee more workers, expand their operations, buy more supplies, and reduce the cost of their goods and service. In doing so the price of their product increases, fewer people buy it, and they likely will be forced to reduce their work staff. Obama's economic plan is not new, it is historic, and it has always created worse economic conditions. More here

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