Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Obama-Ayers connection: Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Over at HotAir some good reading on the Ayers connection. Once again, if Obama just admitted to it and was done it would probably go away. But he denies and lies and attacks-hard. Which makes me wonder, what is he trying to hide and what else is there?

...However, Kurtz’ report provides a very interesting look at the early political life of Barack Obama. He had already entered politics at the time he joined the CAC, and even at that stage had allied himself with ACORN, which has found itself at the center of more than a dozen voter-fraud investigations. Obama also allied himself with Ayers and helped the former Weather Underground fugitive push forward with his plans to radicalize an entire generation of schoolchildren in the area through the CAC. Note well the parallels to community organizing that play out in the activities of the CAC, and recall again how Obama claims that activity as a major qualification for the presidency.... (more)

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