Monday, August 4, 2008

Exporting Death

I hope she succeeds.
KAMPALA, Uganda, August 1, 2008 ( - At the premiere of the soon-to-be-released documentary "Miss HIV" in Kampala, the wife of Uganda's president, Janet Museveni, lamented the rise in dangerous sexual behaviour in the country and the resultant rise in HIV-AIDS rates.
According to New Vision, Musevini said that Ugandans are abandoning behavior-based solutions to HIV-AIDS in favour of methods, imported from the West, that only serve to perpetuate the disease.
"It is not too late to reverse the trend," she said. "We can adopt our own indigenous solutions, which are less expensive and are 100% sure of preventing the spread of this deadly disease. I find it very baffling how we could throw away what worked, and embrace ideas from elsewhere. Then we watched as rates of infection soared again to claim lives."
Musevini's words echoed those of anti-AIDS crusader Sam Ruteikara, who wrote in the Washington Post several weeks ago that Western methods of combating AIDS, which strive to protect casual sex at all costs, are being imported into Uganda and are resulting in a rise in risky sexual behaviour and the overall HIV-AIDS rate
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