Monday, April 7, 2008

Prostitution- Just another job?

From the Zenit website:
...A number of articles in the English papers were opposed to any legalization. On Jan. 19 the Times reported on a book recently published in France by a person known only as Laura D, who is 19 years old. She paid for her first year of university studies by working as a prostitute and wrote the book to warn others against following her example. In her book, according to the Times, she describes the unpleasantness of the experience, describing it as financial domination. She also said that even after leaving the activity it is difficult to have a relationship with the opposite sex.Janice Turner, writing in the Times on Feb. 23, commented that the vast majority of women involved in prostitution wish to escape. She described the legalized brothels in Holland as “magnets for organized crime, drug dealers and traffickers.” Conditions in the legalized centers for prostitution in Nevada are no better, she added, with many women often cruelly treated.... (read the whole article here)

Aside from the other good points, I think this one is interesting. Financial domination- how many of us fall into that category?

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