Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why The Hands In The Pants?

A very good point

"...I may be wrong ... but I cannot find one single instance where the TSA has actually stopped anyone at any airport screening station who was attempting to board a flight with the intent of harming the flight or any person on the flight. All of the metal detectors, all of the groping, all of the full body scanners ... and throughout all this the TSA has never stopped one single terrorist at any screening station at any airport in the United States. Now you may say ... and accurately so ... that the very presence of the TSA has kept the MUSLIM terrorists away .. and you are undoubtedly right. But if that's the case, and if the screening procedures used thus far were doing that job ... why the sudden intensification? Why the groping? Why the hands in the pants?
Just sayin' " from Neal Boortz


Kindred Spirit said...

Just the first step in seeing how far the sheep will let the wolves go. The wolves are grinning, to be sure. Wake up, sheep, and just say no to molestation as a condition of boarding a commercial flight in this country.

eutychus said...

My wife already knows about this first hand. She is a diabetic and has a pump. Every time she goes through she tells them about it, but they don't want to see it, but they always have her get a pat down. It has always upset her. They are not so bad overseas but her in the U.S....that's a different story...
Now... well, I don't hink we'll be flying for a while..