Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Never Ending Game

Lost in the headlines of oil spills, replacement of generals etc. is a bit of history being made in the sports world-and its not the World Cup. (yes, I watch the games when I can- and I enjoy them.)


Previous full-match time record: 6 hours, 33 min. at 2004 French Open
playing time during 5th set: 7 hours, 6 minutes

Total playing time: 10 hours

John Isner had 4 match points in the 5th set

Just in the 5th set: they played 881 points

John Isner has hit 98 aces

More aces: Nicolas Mahut has hit 95 aces

previous ace record at any match: 78

Total games played: 161 (118 in 5th set)

Longest known tennis matches

10 hours - John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut, 2010 Wimbledon (in progress)
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