Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Night With a Beer (or whatever) Good Friends and Good Conversation

Many years ago, a couple of friends and I would meet at the Dog and Duck Pub and drink a few beers and discuss matters of great importance. Usually it was theology or at least led to theology (natural since Theology is the mother of all 'ologys after-all) There were some good times and I listened (but not enough) and learned and grew. Times change of course and life took away those moments (and friends moved off to Indiana- (damn it MC) ) And I miss those times.

Something occasionally happens like that on these blogs. A point of contact, an insight, an inspiration and even, dare I say, friendships.

So I thought I would try something for a few months. Every Saturday evening I can, I'll post a topic or question for discussion. I'll do it around 9:00 pm central time. and maybe we can discuss them in the comments section. I'll leave it up all week so if you can't make it Saturday evenings then you can stop in later. You can also add your own questions via e-mail or this blog if you would like. It can be about anything that would make a good conversation.

I hope to "see" you here tonight. I'll try it for a few months and if it works, then great. If not, oh well. I'm still drinking the beer.

(I know some folks don't drink and that's OK- sip on something else. If you do partake, please share the name so I can put it on the shopping list) :-)


Magister Christianus said...

Well, you got me with that one! I saw the title in my blog list and thought, "Hey, that sounds a lot like the old days when we used to gather at the Dog and Duck." Lo, and behold, I click on the link, read the post, and see that you were thinking the same thing!

I miss those times, too, my friend. Much good theology, and good beer, was consumed. Interestingly, I was just mentioning those times to another friend just a couple of days ago.

Here is a theological reflection for you. As I type this comment, our five year old walked out to the kitchen and watched what Daddy was doing. She saw the word "Good" on the screen, pointed, and said, "God." God is indeed good!

eutychus said...

Yes indeed! Out of the mouths of babes. Hope to see you around on a Saturday evening (or other times)