Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some things to be commented on....some other time....

Manifest gegen Scharia -MANIFEST AGAINST SHARIA
Common position of the Islamic organisations of Germany- something that needs to happen here.

New Lutheran body to form after gay pastor vote

Stupid Op piece from the NY Times

The Senate Health Care bill price tag absent the Stupak amendment

Calling a spade a spade and paying the price. The U.N.'s anti-Israel bias and the silencing of the opposition

all 2,074 pages of the Senate bill

AG Holder's Testimony - "What happened at Ft. Hood was a jihadist massacre — a terrorist act, not a tragedy."

Are God's Ways Fair?

Catholic bishops and other religious groups should not have a say in the health care debate.

Major Hasan -- A True Believer

AP: 64% Oppose Insurance Mandate

embryonic quandary

"The Box" is an offensive movie

Half Awake-Nearly half believe global warming caused primarily by long term planetary trends, not human activity.

Healthcare Status Quo Cheaper than Obamacare

Euthanasia Bill Unexpectedly Defeated

anti-Islam Scottish Defence League

US Guidelines on Feeding Tubes Revised

18 Million reasons AARP supported the healthcare bills

Minnesota Recruiting Jihadists

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