Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sharia Law In America-Welcome To Dhimmitude

In a trend that is much more widespread in Canada and the UK, Muslims are beginning to insist upon their own (Sharia) law here in the U.S. This should come as no surprise since for a Muslim the only perfect guidance is based upon the Koran and Mohamed, the basis for Sharia law.

Once again, I must emphasize that not all Muslims agree with or follow Sharia law. Thus there is no conflict with the American culture (what's left of it.) But there are many instances where authorities have caved in to these requests.

Following are some examples:

Muslims seek banking changes to accommodate Sharia law

Muslims seek to change Family Law with Sharia law

Here are some more from Traditional Values:

In Minnesota, for example, five Muslim employees at the Missions Food tortilla factory were fired for refusing to wear a new company uniform – shirt and pants. They claimed this violated their Islamic beliefs. CAIR has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit against Mission Foods.

In Minneapolis in 2006, a number of Somali cabdrivers refused to carry passengers with alcohol. The Muslim Brotherhood was behind this publicity stunt. The airport’s initial plan was to cave to Sharia law and create Sharia-compliant and Sharia non-compliant cabs. An Islamic “fatwa,” or order was issued by the Muslim American Society in June 2006 and sent to the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The fatwa stated that Islamic law prohibits Muslim cabdrivers from carrying passengers with alcohol “because it involves cooperating in sin according to Islam.”

In May 2007, the Phoenix airport installed foot washing facilities to accommodate Muslim cab drivers; and one month earlier, the Kansas City airport decided to add foot washing basins in restrooms for Muslim cab drivers.

In June 2008, the San Francisco Chronicle published a feature titled:
“Islam in America’s Public Schools: Education Or Indoctrination?” The article describes how “soft jihad” has entered our nation’s public schools and kids are being indoctrinated to affirm and accept the teachings of Islam. In May 2008, for example, students at Friendswood Junior High in Houston were required to attend a CAIR-sponsored lecture on Islamic Awareness. The students were taught that there is one God, his name is Allah; they were taught how to pray five times a day and wear Islamic clothing. An Islamic charter school in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota is under investigation for its overtly religious curriculum. It is housed in the Muslim American Society’s building. The Muslim American Society is an offshoot of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. When TV news reporters were sent to the school to interview officials, they were assaulted by these Islamists.

Muslims are waging in America what’s been described as “Islamist Lawfare,” against our system of government.
Brooke M. Goldstein with the Legal Project at the Middle East Forum was interviewed in May by reporter Jamie Glazov. According to Goldstein: “One tenet of Sharia law is to punish those who criticize Islam, and to silence speech considered blasphemous against Islam or its Prophet Mohammed. The Islamist movement has two wings – that which operates violently, propagating suicide-homicide bombing and other terrorist activities, and that which operates lawfully, conducting a ‘soft jihad,’ within our court systems, through Sharia banking, within our school systems and through organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Canadian Islamic Congress. Both the violent and the lawful arms of the Islamist movement can and do work apart, but often, their work re-enforces each other's.”

And apparently this last one is alive and well in Seattle, Washington
Seattle Times adopts Sharia: "Do not slander Islam after Fort Hood"

And last but certainly not least, lets not forget the Obama Administration's appointment of Sharia law cheerleader Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed. She'll even take the act on the road. But Britain may be already lost.

Oh yeah, did I mention the DHS appointment? That's the Department of Homeland Security folks:
New DHS official linked to Muslim Public Affairs Council, which calls Hizballah a "liberation movement"

And before I leave you, remember the big fuss about the 10 Commandments and our government's misguided decision to ban them from schools? Well apparently its OK to teach the Five Pillars of Islam....

Welcome to Dhimmitude

I will not submit

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