Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swine Flu Myths That Could Kill You

From New Scientist by way of Avian Flu Diary some popular myths about the H1N1 Flu. I like the format over at Afludairy as they are one of my prime sources for H1N1 info and link back to the main article. But if you prefer, you can go straight to the source.

Myth 1

The symptoms are like regular flu. You've got it if you've got a fever
Up to half the people who get swine flu never develop a fever, and some suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms as well as more standard flu symptoms. Read more

Go and read the updated symptoms list. You may save the life of someone you love.


This is just mild flu. The death rates are even lower than for normal flu

Swine flu is killing young people rather than the very elderly, and although winter is just starting, more young people have already died of flu than normally die over the entire winter. Read more

I mentioned this earlier this week. The elderly are the usual victims of a flu season which at least in part is an expected outcome. The fact that this flu is killing the young will have a very different psychological impact should the trends continue.


You're safe as long as you're healthy. Only sick, weak people get really ill

Most of the children who have died of swine flu were perfectly healthy beforehand, and many of the adult victims also had no underlying conditions. Read more

See Myth 2. Personally I know of two individuals, otherwise healthy adults, who have been hospitalized with pneumonia stemming from H1N1. One was hospitalized for 4 days and the other for the better part of September and almost died.

Go here and read more and the other 5 myths...


Teresa said...

That is horrible, the way the H1N1 is affecting the young kids. Thank you for posting the myths. The more we know about the H1N1 the better.

eutychus said...

Thanks Teresa. I'm glad you found them useful.