Friday, September 4, 2009

Healthcare Reform In One Page

Instead of a 1000+ page document created by 100's of lobbyists, so unwieldy that its supporters have read (like the POTUS) or understand, I offer this (simple) alternative:

Goal: Insure the uninsured.
How: Extend Medicaid

Goal: Increase competition
How: Allow insurance to be purchased beyond state lines

Goal: Decrease medical costs
How: Tort reform and make medical costs tax deductible

I think that makes a fine start. Its manageable, and lays the groundwork for additional reform down the road. Easily understood, so maybe the POTUS can quit lying about what it says (e.g. "you can keep your present plan" and "there will be no rationing") and it doesn't saddle our children with a debt they won't be able to pay off.

Raise your voice. There ARE alternatives to government takeover of health care.


Euripides said...

It's too easy and you neglect to weigh it against the socialist test. It can't get through government without passing the socialist test....

eutychus said...

heh, heh. and not enough special interests involved, how silly of me. What was I thinking?
What if I hire a communist to say it for me?