Monday, September 14, 2009

Breaking: Senate votes to cut off federal funding for ACORN

Excellent news from Hot Air:

The amendment passed 83-7 on the strength of some investigative reporting from Big I can't post from here but follow the link above for all the good news..

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Chewy said...

Already called my Senators and thanked them, and told them to get busy stopping the corruption. In addition, I called my.......Representative.....such as it is.....told him that he needed to follow suit (fat chance).

I also told them I feel as though the SEIU and Acorn are running the government. They must stop the corruption, no bills out of Congress until they clean up Washington.

Could not get through to the illustrious potentate, called 30 times got a busy; when I did get through I waited on hold 40 minutes. Nada.

"Nothing more advances authority than silence."

Charles de Gaulle