Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Option E

You'll have to go over to CMR and read the comments to figure out what option E is. While you're there you can read how the new "death" care bill would increase abortions and have the tax payer foot the bill:

I don't for one second believe Obama is stupid but there is of course a third option which America Magazine is likely unwilling to face which put plainly is that Obama is a big fat liar. I'm talking like the kind of fat that needs to be taken out of his house by a crane kind of fat. That's the amount of big fat liar I think Obama actually is.

I mean, doesn't the logic work out quite well? Hmmm...Obama talks about lowering the number of abortions but the bill he pushes has abortion in it and would likely increase the number of abortions. So I'll leave it up to you to put your answer in the combox:
Obama is:A) A big fat liar
B) A weak executive
C) Politically stupid
D) All of the above

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