Thursday, August 27, 2009


It is indeed a slippery slope. Of course just because we have the knowledge to clone a person that doesn’t mean that we will, right. Create a person without a soul? I think of Daemon, Boys from Brazil, or Pet Cemetery…….

God has given us free will. With our research we have created a lot of good, but much wrong has come with it.

I found this article interesting. Scientist have determined and proven that they can take fertilized egg and genetically correct any genetic defects carried by the parents. This is accomplished by adding genetic material "mitochondria" from a third person. the baby has three genetic parents?

Just because we can do it should we? After all, God made a mistake, so we should correct his mistake, right? If a child has the possibility of a genetic defect they are of no use, so instead of just aborting them and flushing them down the toilet, or tossing them in the sink until they die, now we can genetically engineer them so we can have the perfect child.

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