Tuesday, July 7, 2009

News Round-Up

I have neglected posting lately and for the 1 or 2 folks who come by here (or used to) to see some news I apologize and offer this meager attempt at assuaging your disappointment.

Al Gore today compared the battle against climate change with the struggle against the Nazis - really,
while temps plummet in D.C after passage of the climate bill.

and the WashingtonTimes weighs in with this:

...The congressional cap-and-trade shtick would be tired even if weren't the familiar boondoggle of tax increases, big-government micro-regulation, and pork-a-palooza payoffs to preferred clients of the Democratic Party.
Granted that carbon credits already were a dubious racket equivalent to the sale of "indulgences" in medieval Europe, the decision by congressional power brokers to give away credits to well-connected Democratic Party interests surely represents the environmental movement's formal jumping of the endangered great white shark....

Meanwhile, Obama advisers are saying if the first stimulus didn't work then we need a second one. I mean its only money, right?

In China they're having trouble with the Uighurs
(btw- here's a nice synopsis:
Uighurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims
They make up about 45% of the region's population. 40% are Han Chinese
China re-established control in 1949 after crushing short-lived state of East Turkestan
Since then, large-scale immigration of Han Chinese
Uighurs fear erosion of traditional culture
Sporadic violence since 1991
Attack on 4 Aug 2008 near Kashgar kills 16 Chinese policemen)

and Iran is having trouble getting all its clerics on the same page regarding the election.

In Afghanistan, a former Gitmo inmate captured in 2001 and released in 2007 is leading the fight against US forces.

Ever wonder what it must cost the Obama Administration to control the media? Well, Accuracy in Media has some interesting numbers.

And apparently we are one step closer to a thinking cap. Now if we can just get congress to wear them.


Euripides said...

And liberals call us idiots for not supporting Obama? I just do not get it then. What part of bankruptcy don't these people get?

Oh, that's right. With liberalism, bankruptcy isn't a dirty word, it's just another step to economic recovery....

eutychus said...

bankruptcy isn't a dirty word, it's just another step to economic recovery....
Ha! That's rich.