Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11 Christians Murdered in Weekend Attacks

We still have freedom of religion. Isn't it amazing how it can be so taken for granted by us.

Christian News Wire reports that seven Somali Christians were beheaded by suspected hard-line insurgents from the Al-Shabaab group. Although al-Shabaab has carried out similar severe punishments in regions under its control, these executions allegedly are the largest number done at the same time. Somalia is believed to have a 99.95% Islamic following. There are only a handful Somali Christians inside the country and they have been forced underground. Some Christians have taken refuge in neighboring countries. Somalia is ranked No. 5 on the most recent Open Doors World Watch List which ranks the top persecutors of Christians. The previous year Somalia was ranked No. 12.


eutychus said...

Thanks, Chewy. The "Persecution Blog" link on the left under "blog roll" also tracks these types of occurences thoughout the world. It is always a sobering read.

kkollwitz said...

I regularly remind my Sundayschoolers of this modern truth. Touchstone magazine has a regular article on The Suffering Church in each issue.

eutychus said...

A fellow Touchstone reader! excellemt magazine.