Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What the heck is that video? Updated with links to funny science songs

My son has an assignment in his science class to create a power point/music presentation on a science theme. They have to substitute science information in a song. Because of his interest in German he has chosen music from a German group that isn't available on ITunes. It is available on YouTube but he can't access YouTube from school. He can access my blog so he hopes to access in this way.

All of this begins to explain why I haven't posted much this week...

the link to Tom Lehrer's "The Element Song."

the link to The First and Second Law.

Thanks to Otepoti for both.


Otepoti said...

Oh, I hope you'll post the final result - I'm racking my brains for an appropriate science theme for this one - insomnia? malnutrition?

That Tom Lehrer Element song has an awful lot to answer for, doesn't it?


eutychus said...

Ha! Well, the song does talk about hunger, but he doesn't have to use the video (just the music) and he makes up his own words for the melody. In this case its about biomes.

btw Otepoti, I'll be posting the notes on prayer soon. Thanks for your patience.

eutychus said...

Otepoti- I confess that I had to look up your reference to Tom Lehrer's "Element" song and was glad I did. I found an animated version and have posted the link. I remembered it right away as it began to play. Thanks for that!

Otepoti said...

No worries - I'll check in occasionally.

I hope your son enjoyed the Lehrer, too. Always good to introduce the young to the classics.

Now I'll have to go and look up "biomes". They've gone and made a lot more science since I was at high school, back in nineteen-mumblety-mumble.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say that the project worked out fine, and i will soon post it with the help of eutychus

Otepoti said...

Hey, Son of Eutychus!

I thought of another science song you might like to listen to. It's not on the net, as far as I can see, so I've sent it as a file to Eutychus' gmail address.

I had to get Son of Otepoti to help me do this :-D

I hope you like it. It's very funny. Perhaps you could post it here, as well? Someone else might like to find it.


eutychus said...


Thanks for the e-mail but either because of shortcomings of my computer, my computer skills or some diabolical combination of both I was unable to open the attachment. I did find a link which I did post. Thanks for that! It should come in handy as he begins his high school science..

Otepoti said...

I think it was a Digital Rights Management issue. I'm not really up on that stuff.

I did find two Youtube versions in the end, but hesitated to put the link in a comment on account of, er-hmm, bad language in the Youtube comments.

eutychus said...

Ostepoti- I looked for it on YouTube as well but couldn't find it. Go ahead and post or send the link. I'll embed it and put a disclaimer on it!;-)

Otepoti said...

Consider it done!

There are at least two youtube hommages. The first one included science jokes, but the spelling was funnier than the jokes.

This version uses avatars to act out the words - very choice - and I think that Flanders, who had polio and was in a wheelchair, would rather like that!


eutychus said...

Otepoti- thanks for the link. I hope to post it as soon as the hectic end of school schedule is ended.