Friday, February 13, 2009

Runaway 6ft rhea bird called Charlie terrorises village for 7 hours

From the Mirror:
I'm sorry- its funny. I mean between the naughty place names and attacking squirrels, its just plain funny. I really miss England.

But not to be outdone my next favorite country Austria comes along with this:
Farmer crams two cows in the back of VW Golf
but it turns out this is a fight between animal rights activists which brings about it's own "brand" of humor:

After this picture appeared in Austrian papers, the farmer who owns them spoke out about allegations of violence against animals. The Tyrolean from Kufstein district said he "acted out of love for his animals."

The man said he had converted his car especially for the purpose of transporting calves from his farm to the pasture or the local vet. The man even claimed police gave him the green light to do so when they checked his old Golf last year.

To calm down furious animal-rights campaigners, the farmer added he would only transport young animals in the car that did not weigh more than 80 kilos.

Asked why he didn’t use a trailer for such purposes, the man argued that the draft would be dangerous to the young animals’ health – and that they would be warmer and more comfortable in the car.

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